Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holiday musings

I just picked up the latest entry from the abundance of holiday magazines now available at our local stores and was amazed at the creativity and subtle but effective decorating ideas it offers.  It's hard to believe that the Wren's Nest Holiday Show is quickly approaching and I am still thinking of new projects to create.    My practical side however is realizing that I need more months to complete my already-in-process items, but my creative side is thinking that maybe those glittered star ornaments can still be squeezed in. 

Thankfully I have a bevy of talented artists that will also be showcasing their projects at our November event.  This definitely gives me comfort knowing we will have a wonderful assortment of goods to offer to our customers.  From original paintings, beautiful jewelry, one of a kind hand decorated glassware to elegant or whimsical Christmas decor we have something for everyone!  Nestled amongst these items we have an assortment of carefully selected vintage goods.   Freshly baked treats, handcrafted kitchen goods, and creative greeting cards are just a few of the many items available that will simplify your gift giving needs and add to your holiday keepsakes. 

 As we move closer watch this site for updates and featured highlights/photos on our vendors and their creative merchandise.  Don't forget to mark your calendar.               

                                                                                      WREN'S NEST HOLIDAY SHOW
                                                                       November 9th    2 - 8  
 November 10th, 11th    11 - 6
                                                                                                  5220 SE 33rd Place

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