Sunday, December 20, 2009


I recently turned 40 which was difficult in the sense of awareness, but not as a birthday as a whole. I kept this where I want to this where I saw myself at 40? Answer easily=maybe.

This last year I have continued struggling with weight, organization, and exercise. I have successfully been tackling trying new things, cooking more consistently, and listening more. As I reflect on 2009 and look at 2010 I have some goals I would like to achieve in the upcoming years...not just year.

Goals for 2010:

1. Lose 10% of my body weight

2. Find an exercise plan that will not overwhelm me and perhaps an exercise buddy

3. Try 24 new craft ideas (that is two a month), this is what I call Craft Therapy

4. Read 100 books, last year I made a goal of 50 which I overachieved anyway so will shoot for 100.

5. Buy a binder and chronicle the menus for the weeks that I plan, I would like to be able to refer to later and I usually make something once. Some recipes deserve to be tried twice.

6. Find an organization/Flylady method that works for me.

7. Continue to develop my business
8. Learn to take better pictures

Goals for the next decade:

1. Get healthy...right now not as healthy as I should be

2. Be open to new things, I can be pretty set in my ways

3. Live a life I am happy with

4. Double my business
5. Take all of my pictures and finish scrapbooks

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