Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Every year I scour the stores and fairs trying to find a new ornament/item to add to my collection. This year I had given up hope until I ran across this adorable Snowman Puppeteer from Pumpkinseeds by Enesco. The Snowman is absolutely adorable. Has a tiny snowman puppet he holds and is about 6" in height.

Another tradition I have is to get my husband and daughters ornaments each year. This year I found the blue robot for my hubby and two marshmallow snowman cupcakes for the girls.

We begin our festivities on Christmas Eve with my family coming over and we fill the stockings for everyone and than pass out. The kids are tinkering with their stuffers while we prepare the meal and we eat.
This year buffet style see previous post for meal plan.

After the meal is done we pass out gifts three at a time so we can see what everyone is opening, many hours later we pack up and leave (well I stay) but everyone goes home with goodies and happiness filling the room.

Christmas Morning is coffee for me until everyone wakes up. Once up the stockings are passed out and we open with glee. The brunch style food is setup and than onto the gifts. The kitties and dog are going crazy by then because their stockings had wonderful treats and they are playing with the wrapping paper.

Christmas Evening we have dinner (enchiladas) this year and spend time with my husbands family. We veg out the rest of the evening because we are all exhausted and just enjoy the quietness of the house as the evening progresses.

So what is your tradition?

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  1. I really like your tradition of an getting everyone a special ornament each year.

    My son is very young and is really just starting to get the hang of Christmas. It would be a perfect time to to have a special something that only he my husband and I could do as a tradition other in addition to the ones we already share with the extended family. I will have to think of something special ;)

    Merry Christmas!