Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Horoscope-very telling

I don't usually follow the horoscopes regularly but saw this on Yahoo and it makes me wonder....


10/23 – 11/21

Year 2010 Overview

Scorpios have a certain reputation for taking things a little too seriously, and to some extent you've earned that. The next year is going to give you new opportunities to really express yourself in new ways, and to get results from all that Scorpionic intensity you've been carrying around all your life. On the one hand, there will be new pressures developing as far as a lot of long-standing issues that you've faced for a long time, and that have been building for the last few years. New channels of communication will be opening up for you, and new ways to express yourself.

There may be a sense of deep pressure building when it comes to how you live your life and deal with the Big Picture issues. The usual problems of day-to-day living -- paying the bills, dealing with relationships, making time for yourself -- may merely be the guise in which these issues present themselves. In fact, with Saturn transiting your Twelfth House of hidden issues, you may find yourself confronted with people and issues that are merely your own issues in disguise. Think of it as a psychodrama where those around you are merely playing out individual psychological factors within yourself.

The good news is that no other sign in the zodiac is better equipped to stare an issue in the eye and see it for what it really is than you. Over the years, you've developed the tools you'll need to not only make it through another year but to prosper in all the ways that really count.

My observations: I think this has to do with the issues surrounding my weight, my company merging and confronting and dealing with both issues in an effective manner. When I read this it really hit some telling points in my life.

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