Friday, January 8, 2010

Observations and Ramblings...

I am weighing in today, back to WW. This week I have been focusing on eating three balanced meals and choosing healthier snacks. Other than one day I succeed, had one moment of irrational. On the exercise front I managed one day. This is a huge struggle for me, I have two of the days this week planned for exercise so need to incorporate another.

On the home/organization front much better. I was able to tackle a lot this week by making time to do it:
House tidied every morning
Organized the linen closet
Cleaned and organized three drawers in the kitchen
Crafty room cleaned (now organizing)
laundry done
Socks matched and put away
Medicine cabinet cleaned out and expired medicines gone
Washed down all the doors in the house and cleaned door knobs for germs

There were a few other items, but overall I feel better about the progress I made.

Goals for next week:
Maintain steady course on the clean/organization route
Exercise three days
Menu plan
Track all foods
Begin crafting again

So what are your plans for the next week?

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