Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ten in 2010: Fourth Week

Well I gained a pound this week, I am not inching anywhere near my goal.
so far I have lost .8 in four weeks. Granted one week I was sick but come on. What is to I am frustrated. Here are my observations.
*Planning menus, still staying on task with this
* I have been taking longer finishing a meal, which normally I scarf down.
*I weighed in.
What I've Learned:
*I flourish when I have structure, tracking my meals, a plan
*I need to focus on recipes that provide filling foods like fiber, protein, etc. I end up being full for a longer period of time and am not hungry
*The only fruit I really like is bananas
*I have reintroduced a new trigger in my life and I need to not give in.
What I still need to work on:
*Tracking consistently
*Exercise, I have an excuse for anytime of the day. I am making a goal for this week to just do it.
*Need to add more fruits to my plan for the day
Other Stuff:
*I have reintroduced the Jar of Punishment into my weekly plan. This is a jar I made for me and my mom. We need to have 25 - 28 points a week and they are pretty simple to get.
1-Exercise (20 minutes)
1-Staying on Program
1-Challenge for the week: This week it is 5 servings of fruits and vegis-have to list them.
You can earn extra points for each additional 1/2 hour of exercise.
If you do not checkin daily via email or phone with total points -1
The punishment we have added three things we don't like to do for our homes to the jar. If you don't make your points you have to draw from the jar and do the chore within the week at their house.
*I have been craving Cesar and cobb salad. Just ravenously.


  1. i understand the frustration you are feeling--i'm there too! it's so hard to make healthy choices...especially when the unhealthy ones are so much more enjoyable! well, here's to february!

  2. I know, I just need to get it together.