Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ten in 2010: Third Week

This was my third week of the 2010 challenge, and a hard week it was. I was sick all week and it was like a thorn in my side.
*Did not gain, but did not lose
*Continued with menu planning
*Not giving up
What I've Learned
*I hate bieng sick, my energy was drained and just not motivated to do anything at all.
*I don't drink a lot of water when I am not feeling well.
*I can go to a movie and not have popcorn
*When I don't exercise consistently it immediatly comes back to haunt me.
What I still need to work on
*Staying the course, with not feeling well I did not eat as well as I should have. However, I did not eat that much either. I call this my bandaid approach -the I don't feel well, will have something that will make me feel better and I will feel better. A vicious circle that just does not work.
*Fruits, still a big problem. I just can't seem to draw myself into wanting to eat it.
Other Stuff
*Stress is a killer. Sometimes I feel as if I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I created this, by bieng the go to person for everything. Now I am not sure I want it.
*Back in the saddle again...
*Indian Food, we are going to an Indian restaurant this evening. Planning to look at the menu and make my choices before arriving.


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  2. Thank you for the wonderful comments. I try to post, maybe not as frequently as I would like, but what I like to read.