Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ten in 10 Healthy Challenge - Week 1

Here is my recap from the past week.


Followed the menu plan for the week
Lost -1.8
Successfully found a diversion for stress by organizing the house
What I've Learned
Tracking is key, I think had I been more consistent in tracking last week I would have had a higher weight loss.
Water is very important
If I go for a walk or do some sort of cardio for thirty minutes, I accomplish 100% more than I do if I ignore it for the day.
I am not the only one in this boat
What I still need to work on
Exercise, 30 minutes out 10 hours a day is not that much to set aside
Water, I have not made as much effort to get it in. This is my focus for the week
Fruit, still struggling to get this in. I get my vegis in no problem but do not look at fruit as a snack
Stay in control of my rationalism when it comes to food. I have every excuse in the book to compensate for going overboard.
Other stuff
Made some great recipes this week. The Celery, Avocado and Walnut Salad and the Bean, Feta, and Spinach Bake were two of my favorites.
Working on menu plan for next week, need to make sure I incorporate a couple less time consuming dishes
Biggest Loser began, so far don't have a favorite contestant but it is only week 1
My craft room is clean, this is a way I divert myself from the kitchen. Plan to have a crafty week.


  1. Congratulations!! That is awesome! I am doing the challenge also, but only tackled one thing this week - giving up caffeine and drinking more water. Must have needed that, cause I lose 1.2 lbs. LOL

  2. Good job, caffeine is a hard one for me. It has been so cold I just want to drink coffee all day. Working on water this week.

  3. Good luck!! I wont give up coffee but I am giving up diet soda