Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ten in 2010: Second Week

This was the second week of the Ten in 2010 challenge for me. I have been doing well so far, although the loss has not been as high as I had hoped.

*My menu planner has been a huge help, I like posting the menu and sharing the recipes that I find delicious.
*I dropped .4 lbs, not a lot but it is moving in the right direction.
*I find myself keeping busier which helps with eating less instead of what I call veg-eating.
*I exercised 5 days last week

What I've Learned:
*I had a huge revelation at the WW meetings yesterday. The leader mentioned that even though you exercise sometimes your body needs a lubricant (retain water) to help continue it's path to bieng healthier. Basically don't get discouraged, your body needs time to catch up.
*I don't like Snapper-to thin of a fish and it did not cook right.
*Doing some excercise has been a good energy builder

What I still need to work on:
*Fruit, although I eat primarly vegetarian, I have a difficult time getting the fruit in.
*Continue to drink in the water

Other Stuff:
Working on my menu for this week. I would like to incorporate some lunch and breakfast ideas that are not boring. I find I do get myself into a rut where these are concerned.

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  1. good job on the loss! mine was small too, but a loss is a loss right? keep up the good work!